Great Way to Happiness – Best Countries to Find a Wife

Updated on Jun 2021

Your life today is comfortable and successful. You have already built a good career, and you can enjoy every day you live. Now is the time to move to the next level and start looking for a partner for a serious relationship. You have been thinking about starting a family for a long time, but there is no attractive girl nearby who would become an excellent bride.

Don’t worry, your dream of falling in love is sure to come true. It’s just that your ideal woman lives in another country. And if earlier it would have been a problem to find her, today there are many professional dating sites. Here, beautiful girls of different nationalities are looking for husbands. And you can also find love here. You just need to choose quality service and understand which nationality girl your relationship with will be most harmonious. Our review will tell you about useful information, and you will be able to choose the best country to find a wife.

Features of the Best Wife

To begin with, it is worth understanding not just where to find a wife but the important features of the future partner. After all, you are planning to build a harmonious and pleasant relationship with a charming lady who has a lot in common with you. In this case, the marriage will be perfect.


You must admire your bride every day you spend together for many years of your life. Therefore, you need to find the best place to find a wife, where charming and beautiful girls live, whose beauty is given to them by nature. In this case, over the years, it will not get worse, and your feelings will be hot for a long time. We also recommend you find a wife in a country where plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgeries are not so popular. In this case, you can be sure that your children will also be beautiful.

Best Countries to Find Wife


Harmonious relationships are built on love, trust, and understanding. Therefore, you should not ask, “where can I buy a wife?”. Yes, the traditions of some countries and local culture allow you to do this on an official level. But money cannot buy happiness. The ideal wife has a great personality and loves you, not your money. She is ready to support you even in the most difficult moment and become a real soulmate. Together with such a woman, it becomes easier for you to reach new heights of career and personal simplicity.


We recommend choosing not just beautiful but the most loyal women, who have a pleasant and non-conflict character. Such girls try to learn more about the inner world to support your hobbies and passions. Moreover, they have a sharp mind and intelligence, so you always enjoy spending time with them. And, of course, the best foreign women to marry should be hot and passionate. Then not only the day but also the night becomes interesting and piquant next to them.

Home Comfort

Another important sign of an ideal wife. Imagine a situation when you want to return home faster because the most faithful women in the world are waiting for you here, ready to share a warm and tender embrace. Also, she should cook well, keep the house in order and be an excellent mother for your children. In this case, your marriage will be enjoyed every day.

Which Country Has the Most Successful Marriages Between Foreigners?

Many men try to choose the best countries to find a loyal wife, and statistics can help us. There are many different dating sites where wonderful singles are ready to meet foreigners. And if we answer the question, how to find a good wife, who will be faithful to you for many years, then it is worth considering the following options.

Russia. A beautiful and big country where you can meet the perfect girl. She will be a faithful wife, and her excellent appearance allows her to always be in the spotlight. But the main thing is a wonderful and loyal character. They are very passionate, but all the passion of Russian brides is for husbands only.

China. Many people think that this is the best country for a foreign wife. Because Asian women grow up in a culture of patriarchy and respect traditional family values. They respect the decisions of the husband and are always ready to provide the necessary support. What’s more, Chinese brides are very hardworking and can supplement your family budget as well. And the number of divorces with such women is extremely small.

Colombia. A very popular country where hot and sexy ladies live. Perhaps an excellent answer to the question is “which country is the best for an American to find a wife”. Colombian brides are very emotional and hot, so your life will become more colorful and enjoyable. And the real pleasure comes when the night comes. Because sexy Latin ladies are ready to make all your fantasies come true. And this is an important feature of a strong and happy marriage.

Foreign Countries to Find Wife

Why Are Some American Men Going to Foreign Countries to Find a Wife?

Many American men are looking for a bride outside of the United States. They try to find the best foreign wives in other countries, and there are many reasons for that. The fact is that American women are too selfish and emancipated. Feminism poisons the lives of many girls and prevents them from becoming truly happy. After all, harmonious relationships built on love, trust, and mutual respect are indispensable components of happiness. Women from Asian or Eastern European countries respect traditional family values. They become ideal partners with whom it is easy to communicate and spend time. Therefore, American men choose them.

Another important factor is the beauty of foreign women. You just choose what country has the best wives (usually Asia or Eastern Europe), and you will find a huge number of beautiful girls here. Moreover, foreign ladies often have a pleasant character, so it is easy to build harmonious relationships with them. Much easier than with American ladies.

List of the Best Countries to Find a Wife

Well, let’s find out the best country to meet a wife. However, there is no one answer here. It all depends on your liking. Therefore, we will tell you about the leaders in each region.


  • Spain. A great choice if you want to meet a passionate brunette who will make your life more enjoyable and more fun.
  • Sweden. Perhaps the best European country to find a wife. Charming and proud blondes with great figures and European aristocratic characters are waiting for you on dating sites.
  • France. Extravagant and lovely ladies with pleasant characters. They dream of happiness and a harmonious relationship with their partner. You can make their dreams come true.
  • Italy. Another country where you can find a beautiful and temperamental wife. It is worth saying that Italian brides are very religious and respect traditional family values. Loyalty and passion, what could be better?
  • Iceland. There are fewer men in Iceland than women. And many charming and attractive Icelandic ladies try to find a partner on dating sites. Meet nice and beautiful girls here.

Eastern Europe

  • Russia. Best Eastern European country to find a wife. A large number of nationalities, wonderful character, great appearance, and love reflected in her eyes. This is what a perfect marriage looks like, isn’t it?
  • Ukraine. The southern neighbor of Russia. The local women are also very beautiful and attractive. Moreover, they are great at cooking. So, you will try many delicious Ukrainian dishes, which are also very healthy.
  • Belorussia. Listed in the top 15 countries to find a wife. Belarusian women believe in love. They dream of finding a partner who shares their interests and life values. Also, they want to know more about your inner world. This is how harmonious relationships are created.
  • Poland. A good option if you want to find an Eastern European bride with a pleasant Slavic appearance and European character. The local ladies look great and are also very ambitious and hardworking. A great combination for a perfect marriage.
  • Czech Republic. Czech ladies are very hot and sexy. Also, they have a pleasant and lovable character. Thanks to this, your relationship will be free from quarrels or scandals, and every day will be full of only positive emotions.


  • China. Receives the title of the best Asian country to find a wife. Chinese brides are brought up in a culture of patriarchy. They know how important it is to respect the husband and support his decisions. You get not just an Asian wife, but a real – a loving and gentle partner.
  • Japan. You’ve heard of the art of geisha, haven’t you? This seems like a great reason to choose a Japanese bride. Because this woman will make all your dreams come true. Life next to her becomes brighter and happier.
  • Korea. An excellent choice if you are looking for a beautiful bride. The local girls are adorable, and they like American men. Moreover, they just love the American way of life. But be careful when looking for a Korean wife – plastic surgery is very popular in the country.
  • Philippines. Another popular country to find an Asian bride. A large number of lovely women live here who dream of happiness. You can give them a harmonious and pleasant relationship based on love, trust, and mutual respect.
  • Thailand. The country is extremely popular with tourists. Because they can immerse themselves in deep Thai culture and mingle with lovely Thai women. Local girls make great wives thanks to their pleasant and lovable nature.

Most Successful Marriages Between Foreigners


  • Colombia. We have already said that this is the best Latin country to find a wife. Lots of hot Colombian ladies live here. And you will be in the spotlight if you come to the event with a beautiful Colombian bride.
  • Mexica. The southern neighbor of the United States. It is very convenient to look for a bride here. Because here you can easily find a girl with a pleasant and cheerful character, as well as go on a date with her. After all, you are separated by only one border between the countries.
  • Brazil. Bright carnivals, passionate dances, and emotional character. Your life will become much more fun and colorful if you decide to look for a wife in Brazil. And that’s a good option.
  • Cuba. Country in the Caribbean, near the United States. Hot girls dream of meeting American men and creating great relationships with them. And most importantly, they become great wives.
  • Argentina. Another great option if you like lovely Latin ladies. Many women are family-oriented, so it will be easy for you to find common ground. They are very loyal and passionate. What could be better?


Now you know which nationality makes the best wives. It remains to move from theory to practice. Choose a quality dating site, register, and start chatting with charming ladies. Now ask her out on a date and build a harmonious relationship by bringing love into your home.