Japanese Brides Personalities and Reasons Why You Should Marry Them

Updated on Feb 2024

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Each man wonders: why are Japanese brides so calm and collected, even in the most challenging situations? Are they as attentive and classy as legends depict them to be? And most importantly, are Japanese brides good marriage material?

These brides are believed to be one of the best nations to marry because they acquire a list of positive qualities needed for every wife, such as loyalty, insane beauty, the ability to keep the family nest together, hard work, and tribulation over the children. Furthermore, single Japanese women were believed to be devoted samurai wives who stuck with them through thick and thin. But is it true that their mindset is perfect to foreigners, or are there too many discrepancies? Are Asian women looking for American men? Will she be a good wife, and is it worth it to marry a Japanese girl? The informational post will provide you with a list of comprehensive pros and cons to understand whether these brides are good to marry.

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How Does It Feel to Marry a Japanese Woman?

Local Japanese brides are hard to get at first glance. They may appear and behave mysteriously, so you might wonder what’s going on in their heads. Later you’ll understand these traits and actions are embedded into a cultural code that slightly differs from your expectations. But do they differ in a good way? Let’s see what to expect from Japanese girls for marriage?

Free-Spirited and Understanding

Asian women are an open-minded nation that goes hand in hand with American culture. These people are tolerant and not judgemental (mostly). It will be pretty easy to get together because Japanese mail order brides are not against marrying a foreign man. On the contrary to many Asian cultures, Asian people are open-minded. Japanese women for marriage are fond of Americans and Europeans—these brides like perceiving a new culture and learning a new language. Maybe the reason is that in Japan, atheism prevails. That is why people are restricted neither by superstitions nor by religion. There are tons of public homes and sex hotels in Japan, and people are not embarrassed.

Scared to Be in a Committed Relationship at First

Because Japan is a high-profile and wealthy country, people here don’t rush into commitment. On average, brides marry in their thirties. It also takes them a lot of time to date prior to moving together with their partner. Since Asian people are constantly at work due to capacitive workload, Japanese women don’t have enough time to build a family. In addition, many youngsters pursue higher education and stay in college, so commitment is not in the first place of the plan. Japan has a pretty low birth rate, and couples seem not to be bothered by this information. However, Japanese brides still want to get married and have a devoted partner for a long-term commitment.

Busy at All Times

Asian brides don’t like lying around and being lazy. Since Japanese women for marriage were children, these women brides were taught to study diligently in school and pursue an education. Additionally, these brides always work. Ever since they were teenagers, they were told to get a part-time job. It is not common for Japanese people to live with their parents and rely on them financially. A job is a primary focus in Japan; everyone is trying to get the best grades to get a good profession. People don’t randomly drop out of schools and workplaces because it doesn’t work like that here. And even if she stays with her parents, they would advise going to work. There is nothing worse for a Japanese mail order bride to be lazy and stay at home all day long. They work equally to their husbands.

Japanese women profiles 💜

Biyu 22 y.o.
4 mi away
165 in
60 lb
Jun 27 y.o.
3 mi away
158 in
66 lb
Xiang 25 y.o.
5 mi away
166 in
58 lb
Bai 28 y.o.
2 mi away
Animal trainer
179 in
52 lb
Jie 29 y.o.
2 mi away
162 in
49 lb
Huan 26 y.o.
4 mi away
167 in
56 lb
Ming Yue 28 y.o.
3 mi away
172 in
52 lb
Chen 24 y.o.
4 mi away
162 in
62 lb
Kalani 30 y.o.
4 mi away
171 in
66 lb
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Japanese Brides Best and Worst Traits

Understandably, pros will outweigh cons in Japanese mail-order brides as these brides are the epitome of a good wife: loving, charming, caring, gorgeous, loyal, romantic, and ready to do anything because of her man. And still, some disadvantages of Japanese women for marriage exist. Here is a comprehensive list of their ups and downs:


  • Japanese brides for marriage are fiercely loyal. Although cheating is one of the Japanese fantasies in adult movies, it is not common to cheat while dating Japanese women. These brides are too shy and timid to chase strangers. Moreover, they make their choices responsibly; that is why it would be difficult to prove them wrong or persuade them to a one-night stand. Nevertheless, the following image is embedded deeply into the roots of Japanese culture. Sometimes even talking to another man while being in a marriage is seen as cheating, especially in older prefectures. Additionally, monogamy is deemed to be obligatory among older couples. Therefore, if you talk to Japanese women looking for marriage, just know that they don’t pay attention to everyone, simply concentrating on one candidate.
  • Japanese women don’t like drama. If you buy a bride, understand that they don’t like quarreling or any bickering in their families. These brides are more likely to consent and leave the last word to you than start unnecessary fights to have the last word. They are traditional in conflict resolution and tend to lean towards their men’s opinion. She will most likely agree to watch a movie even though she doesn’t like the genre or the actor. These brides will try to impress you in bed to make you happy, even though a specific position might not be enjoyable. The only thing to note is that dealing with a kind of partner doesn’t mean you have to abuse your power. Be grateful and never take her appreciation for granted. If she is your crush, and you have a lot in common, treat this lady as your equal because she definitely merits a well-balanced relationship.
  • Japanese mail order wives are conscientious. These women fall in love quickly because they romanticize their partner, and even before you marry each other, these girls will show a lot of attention to their date. The unlimited attention doesn’t end after a wedding ceremony because Japanese women are very nurturing. They adore learning their partners’ needs and will do whatever they can to make you happy, including preparing a generous meal, washing your clothes, or doing the dishes because they care. However, it doesn’t mean that all of the household chores should lay on her shoulders. Because partners in Japan work equally, they should care about each other to the same extent. Once you have children, she will be a rather strict mom, making sure your children get good grades and good meals. A Japanese girl will never do you wrong and will always fight tooth and nail about the connection, concentrating on a connection first even though she has a career to build.
  • A Japanese mail order bride doesn’t need your money. In many countries, foreign men are seen as walking wallets. Women, especially foreign brides, want to get all the financial possibilities from their future better halves. However, it doesn’t apply to Japanese wives online because Japan is already a financially stable place, so she has been eating well before you’ve met. Once you meet in real life and start dating, you will be surprised with a straightforward approach to financing. Although these women are frugal, Japanese women don’t let money get in the way of a relationship.

Moreover, most of them work a day job, so she’s very independent and has her supply. You can be sure that you chat and go on dates if you date a Japanese bride because she genuinely finds you an amusing and alluring man. You can trust these women as they are not deceptive.

Interview with Asian Mail Order Bride 🔥

Hi Priya! What got you into thinking about being a bride in this global mix?

Hey! Life's a celebration, right? Wanted to find someone who grooves with the colors of Indian traditions and brings their own splash.

Groovy! Any challenges on this journey?

Sure thing! Cultures are a mixed bag, but it's a chance to create a harmonious blend. Like composing a melody; you find the perfect notes.

Artistic! What's your ideal partner like?

Someone into family, digs life's festivals, and has a big heart. A compassionate rhythm for our shared journey.

Love it! And the biggie – would you move countries for love?

Absolutely! Love's a dance, and if it leads me somewhere special, I'm game.


  • A Japanese wife is shy in bed. It is not valid for all cases, but most Japanese women are afraid of sex because it is seen as sinful and lustful to crave intimate connection. It is a good tone to play hard to get and abstain from sex because women are associated with modesty. A Japanese mail order wife will pretend not to enjoy sex even though she might be pleased in bed. Japanese people see Western craving sex as sinful and overtly obscene. But with long talk, you can persuade your Japanese mail order bride to be more open-minded, and hopefully, she will understand there is nothing shameful in sex.

What Is the Cost of a Japanese Mail-Order Bride?

Searching for love in another country, especially through Japanese dating websites and considering marriage, involves many feelings, cultural learning, and money matters. We break down the costs into easy-to-understand tables. We’ll cover everything from joining dating websites to traveling, planning weddings, and other expenses like learning a new language or dealing with legal stuff. Our goal is to help you understand what to expect financially when seeking love abroad. Let’s dive in and explore the costs of finding love across borders.

Japanese Dating Websites

Cost ComponentPrice RangeDescription
Subscription Fees$20 – $50 per month💳 Monthly fees for accessing site features
Credits or Tokens$10 – $100💰 Virtual currency for additional services
Profile Boosts$5 – $20🚀 Increased visibility for your profile
Advanced Features$30 – $100🌟 Premium services and functionalities
Virtual Gifts and Items$1 – $20🎁 Digital gifts or items for interactions
Discounts and PromotionsVaries🎉 Special offers or price reductions
Visa CostVaries🛂 Fees associated with obtaining a visa

Travel Expenses

ExpenseEstimated CostDescription
Airfare$800 – $2000✈️ Cost of round-trip airfare
Accommodation$100 – $300/day🏨 Lodging expenses
Meals$20 – $50/day🍽️ Food expenses
Local Transportation$10 – $50/day🚕 Transportation within the destination
Activities$50 – $200🎭 Entertainment and sightseeing expenses
Travel Insurance$50 – $200🛡️ Coverage for unexpected events during travel

Wedding Expenses

ExpenseEstimated CostDescription
Venue Rental$1000 – $5000🏰 Cost of renting a wedding venue
Catering$30 – $100/person🍽️ Expenses for catering services per person
Wedding Attire$500 – $3000👰🤵 Cost of wedding outfits for Japanese mail order bride and groom
Decorations and Flowers$500 – $2000💐 Expenses for venue decorations and flowers
Photography & Videography$1000 – $5000📸 Cost of professional photography and video
Entertainment and Music$500 – $2000🎶 Expenses for entertainment and music
Wedding Planner/Coordinator$1000 – $5000📋 Fees for professional wedding planning
Miscellaneous Expenses$500 – $2000💼 Other wedding-related miscellaneous costs

Additional Costs

ExpenseEstimated CostDescription
Language Courses$200 – $1000🗣️ Cost of language learning programs
Legal Fees$500 – $2000⚖️ Fees related to legal processes
Marriage Counseling$100 – $200/session💑 Expenses for professional counseling sessions
Cultural Training$100 – $500🌏 Costs for cultural awareness or training
Health Insurance$50 – $200/month💊 Monthly health insurance premiums
Financial Planning$100 – $500💰 Expenses for financial planning services

Success Stories from Japanese Dating Sites

Success Story #1 Image
Cody and Jie TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Cody from San Francisco and Jie from Shanghai found love on AsianMelodies. Despite the distance, their connection deepened through messages. When they met in Shanghai, their chemistry was undeniable. Cody proposed, and now they're happily married, showing that AsianMelodies can unite hearts across continents.
Success Story #2 Image
Buck and Bai AsianMelodies logo
Buck from Texas and Bai from Beijing found love on EasternHoneys. Despite the distance, their connection deepened through messages. When they met in Beijing, their chemistry was undeniable. Buck proposed, and now they're happily married, showing that EasternHoneys can unite hearts across continents and cultures.

Are Japanese Women for Sale Right for Marriage?

Foreign brides in Japan are women looking for love. They want to find a prince of their dreams who will answer them with the care and love they deserve. These women will go a great mile to meet a person. If you order a Japanese bride, you will soon understand that she is a perfect woman when it comes to her characteristics and qualities. An Asian woman is very loving and caring; even though they can be timid for most men, a Japanese bride for sale is perfect for marriage. Now you can forget about drama and start living a relaxed life knowing that someone gives you their shoulder. Japanese mail order bride will stop at nothing to please her man. They are good caregivers, attentive mothers, respecting daughters-in-law, and lawful civilians. Japanese ladies are taught the dignity and know how to respect themselves and their hubbies.

Ava photo
Ava photo
Location Bangkok
Age 28
Occupation Hairdresser
Hobbies Gastronomic Adventures, Photography
English level Upper Intermediate
About me Ava, an Asian bride, epitomizes the fusion of tradition and modernity. Raised amidst the cultural tapestry of Asia, she carries the weight of centuries-old customs with grace. From vibrant bridal attire to sacred ceremonies, Ava's wedding is a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary elegance. Her story is a celebration of love, unity, and the timeless allure of Asian weddings, where she stands as a living testament to the enduring beauty of cultural richness.

How to Find a Japanese Bride?

If you want a legitimate Japanese mail order bride, it is how you can approach her:

Meeting in Real Life

If you’ve always wanted to visit Japan, it is a spectacular place to every tourist. Here you can see lots of sightseeing and meet the best people in the world. Moreover, here you have an excellent chance to find a Japanese mail order bride in local clubs, pubs, karaoke, parks, and malls. Although all these women are not easy to approach, some may want to talk to you because you are a foreigner.

Through Japanese Marriage Websites

If you are in Japan and still don’t know whether you will approach a Japanese bride, meeting them online and asking out on an actual date is a good chance to find a perfect person to you. Japanese women are more likely to date online because here, they are not limited by social constraints and ashamed to express their desire for a man. If you are in Japan, a Japanese wife finder is an excellent service for you.

Get Japanese Mail Order Brides

International dating sites are offering to buy a Japanese wife to a foreigner. It’s a service that helps a Japanese bride move to your country without any complications. If you couldn’t find a wife in Japan, you can always do it from the comfort of your home. Japanese mail order brides services help women get the proper documents and fly out to your city in the shortest time possible.

Do Japanese Girls Want to Date Western Guys?

Japanese Brides Marrying Overseas: Rules and Steps

Getting married in another country can be tricky for Japanese brides. Each country has its own rules for marriage, visas, and permits, making it a bit overwhelming. To make things more complicated, there’s a lot of paperwork, visa applications, and sometimes interviews to prove that the marriage is real.

Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects:

  1. Rules and Regulations: Every country has its own laws for marriage. Japanese brides need to know and follow the rules of the country where they plan to get married. This might mean showing documents like birth certificates and passports.
  2. Visas: Depending on the country, Japanese brides may need a special visa to join their partners. These visas often ask for proof of marriage plans, financial stability, and sometimes a health check.
  3. Interviews and Proof: Some countries want to make sure the marriage is real. Couples might have to do interviews or provide proof like pictures and messages showing their relationship is genuine.
  4. Getting Help: It’s a good idea to talk to experts who know about international marriage laws. Joining groups of people who have been through the same thing can also provide useful advice and support.
  5. Language and Culture: Different languages and cultures can make things harder. It’s important for couples to get help from translators or people who understand the local culture.
  6. After Marriage: Once married, there might be more things to figure out, like getting permission to work or live in the new country. Knowing the rules for jobs, healthcare, and other services is important for a smooth transition.

In short, doing research, planning carefully, and getting help from experts and support groups can make the process easier for Japanese brides and their partners who want to get married in another country.

Verdict: Are Japanese Brides Good Marriage Material?

Japanese brides are a delight for every man because they are an epitome of a good woman: caring, sharing, nurturing, and agreeable. In addition, these women know how to create comfort in their homes. Therefore, Japanese mail order brides might be the best bet for a foreign man. You will certainly not regret your choice with such a woman.


Are Japanese Girls Easy?

Japanese girls are nowhere near easy. These women are fiercely loyal and hard to get in a good sense. They will never leap into stranger's arms just because someone is offering them attention. Japanese women learned their worth and were taught modesty from a young age. That is why they are sometimes perceived as timid and overly shy when talking to new people. However, Japanese mail order brides open up in relationships and remain loyal to their partner.

Why Are Japanese Women So Beautiful?

Japanese women are so beautiful because they stick to a natural look. These girls prefer to flaunt their features and rarely wear makeup. Japanese mail order brides dress nicely and look neat and tidy on every occasion – a national trait. In addition, these women have beautiful shiny hair and a slim build.

Can I Marry a Japanese Girl?

You can marry a Japanese woman if you get close enough and win her heart. These ladies are not against marrying a foreigner, so you have every chance in the world to have a beautiful Japanese bride. To do it, you have to take the initiative and ask her about moving in first. Then, it’s a matter of time before she agrees.

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