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Regardless of nationality or social status, the ideal woman, above all, remains a unique creature. Russian vs. American women are able to give you a nice idea of what to expect from a spousal. Learn more about the best qualities and merits they have. Understand what exactly Russian girls vs. American girls are striving for, what glorious American mail-order brides are counting on, and what their demeanor is. Learn a lot of useful things about Russian mail-order brides.

Dating Russian Women – Traits & Tips On Dating

Choosing Russian brides, contact any certified marriage agency. Now is a great time to find out why any single American is attracted to that very Russian mail order bride. Online virtual communication sometimes leads to a happy ending and a successful marriage. If you think that foreigners admire the beauty of Russian girls for marriage, then you right!

Outstanding Babes

Russian women take their beauty very seriously. They are lucky with genes. Slavic brides are happy to spend a lot of time and money on the best and quality cosmetics. They always like to preen themselves when they leave the house as they always like to look attractive and tidy.

They learn to look after themselves from an early age, although their beauty is natural. In principle, they can do make-up moderately and do so to feel more confident and sexier. They take pride in their looks. This is one of the best reasons Americans fall in love with these temptresses.

Exemplary Wives

Family is the main value in the life of a Russian woman. Girls from Russia combine study, work, and build a career. Still, their beloved husband and children are always a priority to them. This is because patriarchal traditions are still powerful in society.

Romantic and Tender

Russian girls love romance. When you meet mail order brides, then consider that Eastern European ladies love being presented with flowers, dedicating poems. Russian ladies expect Americans to treat them like a lady and behave like a true gentleman. They love small gifts and cannot refuse pleasant surprises.

russian women vs american women

Perfect Physical Data

Most Russian girls have a great figure. They are characterized by a pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped physique. Young girls take care of themselves as they do sport and regularly do effective exercises to keep fit. They tend to eat nutritious food and walk a lot.

Excellent Taste of Style

Russian women dress beautifully. Even in winter, they wear miniskirts, heels, and tights. They dress up perfectly for an ordinary dinner or going to the movies. Many Slavic beauties go to work as like the US women go to parties.

Early Family Ties

In Russia, most girls get married before they turn 30. But, despite the marriage, they continue to receive education and work.

Professional Culinary Specialists

Most Russian women cook amazingly and learn this from childhood. In Russia, cooks or cleaners are rarely hired. Russian mail order bride does not trust strangers to do housework. That is why they are ideal hostesses.

Smart and Creative

Russian women are very smart. Every Russian girl knows how to think, act and live independently. She studies, gets a job, and works hard to fully support herself.

Respecting Family Values

If you are lucky enough to win the heart of a Russian girl, then love her family too. Russian families are very strong and close-knit. If you win the trust of the girl’s relatives, they will accept you as a family member.

Loyal Spouses

Russian girls are very loyal, and if they fall in love, they do it for a long time. A Slavic spouse tries to save any relationship by keeping her husband. At the same time, such wives are patient enough. If they decided to return their beloved one, they will do their best. Such a good trait as loyalty attracts a considerable number of single men from America.

Dating American Women – Tips On How To Win Their Heart

American brides are in many ways inferior to girls from Russia who are famous for their graceful beauty. The opinions of men to the fair sex, both from Russia and from the United States, have long been known. Still, the attitude towards an American mail order bride is slightly different. When choosing American girls for marriage, pay attention to their best qualities to make an ideal matrimonial partnership.

Patient and Prudent

American women are in no hurry to get married. Self-development is a priority. To interest, such a beauty, try to find similar interests. American girls for marriage are both calmer and more serious at the same time. For them, there is no end in itself just to get married. Their goal is to marry the right person.


American women for marriage are self-confident, unlike Russian. In general, a woman expects and receives real respect from society and men. But the Americans will prove that she is special, strong, and imperturbable. This often attracts male compatriots. Moreover, such a lady is very well versed in people. With such confidence and frankness, one can go a long way.


American women look quite simple and dim. They prefer simple outfits. They are rarely make-up because they like to be natural. When some marriage experts visited New York and Los Angeles, it was clear that American ladies pay great attention to their inner world instead of being focused on appearance. A minimum of cosmetics and a worthy beauty is next to you.

american women vs russian women

Differences in Russian vs American Women

Russian women for marriage can help you to start a strong relationship. Americans, in turn, are very self-confident and strong-willed. Accordingly, it is the difference between Russian vs American girls. Both nationalities stay elegant, erudite, loving, and pleasant in communication. But due to the certain mentality of each country, American girls vs Russian girls are quite different. Differences are obvious in culture, upbringing, lifestyle, which affect the formation of the personality. Some characteristics of American single ladies are varied. Some Russian men are used to seeing something particular in their adorable compatriots.

Certain differences change the established stereotypes, and sometimes even for the better. Men in America and foreigners seeking marriage desire to know more about their future spouses. This is how the difference between American vs Russian girls is subjectively determined in modern dating. The selection was determined by gorgeous Russian strangers in their established dating blogs. Many American men could provide a great example of what countrywomen are and why most Americans love Russian women.


Charming Russian girls vs American girls put on makeup and choose an outfit for a very long time even to go to the store. What then can we say about parties or visiting guests which are perceived as a worldly social event. In America, ladies are much easier on their appearance. They are more restrained in the style of their clothes. They use less decorative cosmetics. In both the first and second cases, you always need to know when to stop.

Freedom of Morals

Foreign men who had relationships with girls of both nationalities have observed the US ladies to be more straightforward in all respects. For example, such ladies treat sex easier, unlike Russian girls who believe that every decent man want to marry them. US pretties are easier to communicate with. They are devoid of even a hint of pretense and communicate with men on an equal footing. They support spicy male themes.

Differences in American vs Russian women are that the girls of the States listen to their hearts and always do as they see fit. Girls from Russia think over their every act referring to the opinions of others.

Family and Marriage

Usually, Slavic ladies get married right after school. They spend their time on maternity leave after giving birth to their babies. Gorgeous Russian girls are sure that the true destiny of a woman is to get married, give birth, and be an exemplary guardian of the family hearth.

As mentioned earlier, freedom-loving Americans are very thoughtful when creating a family. It is not uncommon for US women to tie the knot after 30 years. Besides, girls from the USA are developing in their careers, looking for ways of self-development. You may find wife in America on the verified dating portals.


How Loyal are Russian and American Brides?

Married ladies of both nationalities may like you. Then expect indulgence and true family harmony. Such wives are very loyal. They appreciate their spouses and expect to get the same in return.

How to Attract a Russian and American Woman?

Find wife in Russia means to meet romantic ladies. Mostly, they are interested in warm greetings and pleasant surprises while obstinate girls from America do not expect anything superfluous from a boyfriend.

Can I Marry a Russian and American Girl?

Upon reaching the age of 18, you have a right to marry both: residents from Russia and the USA. If a girl with the consent of her parents gets married at an early age, then her age is 16 years.

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