Mail Order Bride Pricing 

Updated on Feb 2023

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Love happens everywhere: on the street, at work, in college, and even on the internet. And men who marry foreign brides online have more successful relationships than those who date in a traditional way, ABC News states. Many men do not dare to risk marrying an online bride just because they think it is very expensive. So what is the mail order brides pricing? Continue reading, and you will know how to plan your finances for online marriage.

How Much Does A Mail Order Wife Cost?

If you want to buy a mail order bride, you will approximately spend from $5000 to $25 000- $30 000. Every man has his point of view of how much the marriage should cost. Some men are ready to earn millions for a wedding, and some males will feel comfortable with a $10 000 budget.

What Are Factors That Influence Mail Order Wife Cost?

There is no exact price for online marriage. It is a very personal thing every man experiences buying a foreign wife. And how much are mail order wives? Let’s see some factors that have a great impact on the cost.

Location Of A Foreign Bride

The physical distance between you and your fiance matters. For example, if you want to fly to Japan, it will take you $900 to pay for a ticket flight. But if your beloved woman lives in Russia, it will cost you $500 to get there.

The Type Of Your Dating Website

Every dating service has different prices for memberships and credits. Since you will spend several months communicating with your future wife, calculate how much it might cost. Include in this section the cost of virtual gifts, private shows, and live calls.

Mail Order Bride Pricing 

The Preferences Of Your Mail Order Bride

The girl’s wishes are the defining factors the cost of mail order bride depends on. Some women will be satisfied with virtual flowers, and some females will wait for diamond bracelets.

The Financial State Of A Man

Except for general charges, the cost of an internet bride mainly depends on how much a husband expects to spend. Not all American men like expensive weddings with lush dresses and magnificent decorations. They would rather spend this money on a honeymoon or buying a house.

Travel Outgoings

This is probably the most expensive factor that influences the prices of mail order brides. Tickets costs, taxis, food, hotels, restaurants… And this is far from a whole list of travel expenses.

The Translation Services

Although most such ladies know English, some girls are not masters in speaking this language. It is a common problem among Asian internet brides. Thus you should hire a translator for the first time and then teach her English.

The Cost Of Documentation

If you want to invite your foreign bride to America, you will have to get a fiance visa for her. There will be other documents you will have to do for bringing a foreign wife home. Documentation cost is not so expensive, but still, it should be taken into account.

The Wedding

Many foreign girls have been dreaming of a wedding since childhood. They imagine a luxurious white dress, a huge wedding cake, and hundreds of guests. In some countries, such as Ukraine or Russia, people even borrow money to arrange weddings. Be prepared to spend a large sum on your international wedding.

Average Cost Of Mail Order Bride Online And Offline

As Time magazine informs, online dating saves not only time but money. Let’s check it!

Online Dating Costs Offline Dating Costs
Dating online doesn’t include going out, so you can spend the evening just chatting without paying for a mail order bride bill. If you want to spend an evening with your partner, you will probably go to the restaurant or cafe where an approximate dinner costs $50 per person.
Messaging and online communication costs depend on the service. A paid membership’s price is between $10-$30/month. If you live in one country, you don’t have to pay extra money for chatting. Moreover, you can just meet face-to-face and talk as long as you want.
The cost of mail order brides traveling to your country may reach even $2000-$3000. When you decide to live together, you will not spend a lot of money. At least, you will not have to do a fiance visa and confirmation of your relationships.
A wedding ceremony price will depend on your foreign wife’s wishes. As a rule, all overseas brides dream of such an event and imagine the most luxurious weddings. American and Canadian girls are simpler in this situation. Most girls don’t plan on spending money on fancy weddings.

Mail Order Brides Pricing: How To Plan It And What Does It Include?

It is always a challenge: how to buy a wife for a reasonable rate? Before you calculate your final mail order bride cost, you should know all paid elements of online dating.

Consider Dating Platform Pricing

First meeting and communication are the most essential parts of dating. If you want to find a bride on the internet, choose only trusted platforms. They should provide such functions:

  • good communication tools;
  • a possibility to see your bride’s profile and information about her;
  • live chats;
  • video calls;
  • virtual gifts;
  • advanced filtering and searching features.

If you have a serious intention to find a bride on the internet, buy a membership. Memberships provide users with a set of functions when a credit system allows buying every feature separately. Buying a subscription will save your money for the mail order brides cost.

Think About Getting Your Overseas Wife To Your Country

This is the most responsible step in your international relationships. Male order bride cost and pricing will highly depend on a bride’s place of living. Bear in mind the next travel costs.

  • Flight tickets. The cost will relate to the distance and flight class. The further your bride lives, the more expensive the tickets will be.
  • Taxi. No self-respecting man will force a woman to ride public transport on the way to the airport. Include this spending into ladies pricing.
  • Travel accommodations. As your future wife comes to your country, you should book a room in a hotel for her comfort.
  • Restaurants and cafes. Don’t push your foreign bride to cook. Take care of her and express your great hospitality.

Include Visa Expenses In Your Mail Order Bride Pricing

If you want to invite your internet bride to America, make her a Fiance or K-1 visa. The cost of a visa varies from $265 to $600. Many services offer different prices and fees. But the country from which your woman comes does not affect the cost of the visaю

Express Your Future Wife With Gifts

On the Quora platform, people claim that there is no relationship without gifts. And this is true. Even the smallest sign of attention will bring pleasant emotions to your couple. But still, it all depends on the preferences of your lady.

Benefits Of Buying Mail Order Bride

How Much Do Mail Order Brides Cost In Different Countries?

Depending on the country your foreign wife comes from, mail-order bride pricing increases or decreases. Where do the best mail order brides live? How much does a mail order bride cost in different regions? See mail-order brides pricing in some of the countries below.

Asian Mail Order Brides Cost

Men always wonder: ’’Where can I buy a wife that is modest and extremely beautiful?’’ Definitely, in Asian countries! Because these girls are very exotic and the Oriental world is situated far from the Western one, their women are very expensive. Let’s see the most popular Asian destinations and the cost of such women there!

  • Japan. A flight to Tokyo will take about $900. Because it is a very expensive region, the hotels there cost a lot. But food in cafes and restaurants is relatively cheap.
  • South Korea. The price for a ticket flight to Seoul is $800-$900. Other travel expenses are similar to Tokyo’s.
  • China. Beijing is a cheaper place to fly than Seoul or Tokyo. It costs on average $700. Other accommodations are available at reasonable rates.

South America Mail Order Brides Cost

Latin America is a region of cheap mail order brides. The flight ticket will cost you about $300-$500 depending on the country you want to visit. Offline dating in Latin America is not so expensive. For example, a nice hotel’s price for two weeks in Brazil may even be $350. And eating for two weeks in Colombia and Haiti took $150!

Russian Mail Order Brides Cost

Many American men wonder: ’’How much is a mail order wife in Russia?’’ People there don’t spend a lot on living. If you want to live a good standard of living in Russia, you will spend $500-$700 per month. Flight To Moscow costs $1200. Hotels and apartments for two weeks will take $1000-$2000. Taxis and food in Moscow are rather cheap.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Mail Order Bride Online?

’’Online dating has become the most common way for Americans to find romantic partners’’, says Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfield. Why do people choose to spend money on internet brides?

  • You can compare prices. Only you decide how much to spend on a dating mail order bride. You can use different services, free or fee-based features, and different ways to get your beloved one to your country.
  • You don’t have to spend money on meeting offline. While you are communicating online, you don’t have to go out with a girl, plan entertainment and sit in the cafes. You just chat and get to know each other better.
  • You can exchange virtual gifts. Although online gifts are not real, they still bring satisfaction to both partners.
  • You can plan internet ladies pricing. Knowing the factors that influence the mail-order ladies’ cost, you can calculate the final price. You can also buy cheap flight tickets, book a hotel in advance and spend as much as you plan.


The most popular theme Western men like to discuss is pricing of ladies looking for love online. Like every kind of relationship, they also need investment. Use our article as a guide in calculating mail order bride costs. And remember that the most valuable things in life like love, respect, and so on have no price.

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