Are Philippines Mail Order Brides Legal?

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The concept of mail order wives has been around for decades and is becoming more popular as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. A mail order bride is a woman who is looking to get married to a foreign man, usually from another country. But are these marriages legal? This blog post will explore the legality of brides in the Philippines, one of the most popular countries for foreign brides.

are philippines mail order brides legal

What Are Mail Order Brides?

Mail order wives are women who register themselves on specialized dating or marriage websites with the intent of meeting foreign men for marriage. These women come from all over the world, but many come from developing countries such as the Philippines. The term “mail order” comes from the fact that many of these relationships were initially conducted through postal mail correspondence between prospective partners.

Are Philippines Mail Order Brides Legal?

The legality of Philippine women depends on how they are obtained and what type of marriage they enter into. In general, it is not illegal to pursue a relationship with a foreign bride if she enters into it willingly and without any form of coercion or deception.

However, it is illegal to purchase a Filipino bride or to engage in any other type of human trafficking activity related to acquiring a foreign bride. It’s also important to note that while it is legal to marry someone from another country, there may be some additional paperwork required in order for them to gain access to certain benefits in their new home country.

Other Considerations For Legitimate Philippine Bride Marriages

Aside from making sure that all parties involved consent freely and without any influence or pressure, there are other considerations when marrying a Filipino bride. For example, couples must be aware that certain religions do not recognize marriages between people of different faiths – so it’s important to research religious requirements prior to committing to an interfaith marriage with a Philippine bride.

Additionally, couples should ensure that both parties have valid visas prior to entering into marriage – otherwise, there may be complications if either party needs additional documentation after the fact. It’s also important for couples considering this type of arrangement to understand potential cultural differences before deciding on whether or not they would like to pursue a relationship together.

legality of brides in the Philippines

Reviews of Using Philippines Dating Services

  1. A great resource for anyone looking to find someone special in the Philippines, offers a wide range of options and features that make it easy to locate and connect with potential partners. The site is well-organized and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly filter through their search results to find the perfect match. Additionally, the site offers helpful customer service and a range of attractive subscription packages that provide users with access to important features like messaging and chat rooms.
  2. FilipinoCupid: Another great option when looking for a Philippines dating site is FilipinoCupid. This platform provides an easy-to-use interface, making it easy to access the profiles of potential partners. Additionally, users have the ability to take advantage of advanced search filters and a well-stocked messaging system. This site also offers strong customer service options, so users can get assistance if they encounter any issues while using the site.
  3. DateinAsia: DateinAsia is a great option for anyone looking to find love in the Philippines. The site is free to use and offers users access to a large array of singles from across the country. Although there are fewer features available than on some other sites, DateinAsia remains an attractive choice due to its low cost and ease of use. Additionally, users can take advantage of the extensive FAQ and customer service options if they have any questions or concerns.


In conclusion, while Philippine mail-order brides are legal, provided they meet all requirements and consent freely, couples should make sure they understand all relevant laws prior to getting married and should consult with an experienced attorney if necessary in order to ensure their rights are protected accordingly. By taking time to research religious requirements and visa regulations beforehand, couples can make sure their union is valid under applicable laws and enjoy a happy life together as husband and wife!

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